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In Our Clients' Words...

Doing a great job is gratifying in and of itself.  But it is always nice to receive extremely positive feed back from clients and end-users.  As you will see from the sample testimonials below, the RBZ&A team thrives not only on delivering on-time and on-budget, but is also known for supporting its applications even after implementation has taken place.

Arguably the best web developers in the precious metals industry. Chris Kochheim and her team understand what it takes to build the complex code to accommodate a constantly changing pricing model. The synergy that was created between her team and ours was what established the foundation for everything we do today.

Eric Griffin - President
Gold and Silver Online

Working with R.B. Zack & Associates has been great! They continue to surprise me with how much they care about my business by providing solutions that work for us.

Pamela Lawrence - President of SunWest

With the introduction of subscription services for music, we knew that we needed a system that would allow us to meet our publisher obligations for this new delivery method. Within a limited time frame and a changing landscape, RBZ&A was able to develop and deliver the SPR system for us.

Carrie Nolan - Royalties
Warner Music Group | WMG

I just wanted to touch base to let you know how impressed I am with the work Jim, Conan and Donna have done. It's been a great experience and the results are stellar. Everyone I demo the software for is blown away at the ease of use and functionality. I look forward to our future projects. Please feel free to use me as a reference if ever needed.

Jeff Witcher - CIO
Peer Music

We were at a crossroads as to what to do with our royalty system. RBZ&A added value by updating and supporting the new application. We continue to be rewarded with the expanded functionality and the reduced overhead of supporting and maintaining the new application in-house. We have greatly benefited from our relations with RBZ&A in creating a dynamic and flexible royalty system that well addresses an area where there is always constant change

David Newberg - VP of Royalties
Rhino Records

Cache Metals would like to thank RBZ&A for being a back office life saver. RBZ&A comes highly recommended and your in-depth knowledge of our industry and software solutions is second to none. Thank you RBZA - I value our relationship.

Robert Rosenzweig - CEO
Cache Metals

The self-installing feature in the TechApp makes deploying updates to the field as simple as dropping a file in a folder. The next time the service techs launch the application, the new version installs automatically.

Michael Barber - Operations manager

We selected R.B. Zack & Associates as our technology partners because of their approach to problem solving. They have the technical background to know how to build solutions and more importantly the business acumen to know what solutions to build. They put themselves in our shoes throughout the project and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations

Danny Tanaka

Since we received WebCheck, our remote offices have not had to hand-calculate manual checks. The time savings and ability to get accurate figures and our employees' current YTD in seconds is a tremendous help. Before WebCheck, the payroll staff was researching and correcting discrepancies from the manual calculation process. Now there is no question as to the tax amounts to be deducted. WebCheck has been a time-saver for everyone. It's a good thing we have RBZ&A, I don't know what we'd do without them.

Cathy Oliver - CPP , Payroll Direct
First American Financial Corporation

Choosing R.B. Zack to develop our website was the right decision. It has been a great experience. You have a great team.

Eric Griffin - President
Gold and Silver Online

Working with R.B. Zack & Associates Inc. has been great! Cory was able to deliver the project with a quick turnaround and astonishing design bringing the website to the latest technologies. His guidance and training on using the application were so clear and easy to understand.

Mike Nicholson - LivHOME President
Precision Violins

We were frustrated with the unresponsiveness of our prior development team. Anything we asked for would take weeks to get accomplished and cost a small fortune. Since moving our web development over to RBZ&A we have been thrilled with the partnership. They delivered the site on-time and at the price they quoted, and continue to be very responsive to our requests.

Colby Ravetto - Marketing Director

Cory and RB Zack really worked with us to pinpoint the most essential aspects of our previous MS Access based Attendance Database while leaving the problematic aspect behind. Before, extracting and uploading our files was an arduous process--we knew there had to be a better way; now, our database allows us to input data from anywhere and is immediately accessible. They even cleaned and simplified the display making the navigation of the site easier than Access. Thanks RB Zack!

Biko Haffar - Admin Assistant
Los Angeles Conservation Corps
  • Authorize.Net Certified Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Partner