LA Opera Rebuilds Ticketing System

Los Angeles Opera is the nation’s fourth largest opera company.  Under the leadership of Founding General Director Peter Hemmings and then Plácido Domingo, LA Opera has grown to become a company of international stature.  The Company brings prominent Los Angeles artists together with other world-renowned singers, designers, directors and conductors to create opera that attracts the attention of international audiences and critics.

Challenge: Update Web Ticketing System

LA Opera needed to make major modifications to its website and ticketing application.  Specially-designed pages were required to allow educators to purchase unique subscription packages, and the opera wanted to feed the educators’ biographical information into customized tabs in its Tessitura Arts Enterprise Software interface.

Solution: Assess, Design and Build New Ticketing Functionality

R.B. Zack & Associates, Inc. used its 20+ years of expertise in the development and support of dynamic web applications to analyze, design and develop LA Opera’s enhancements.  RBZ&A took advantage of the Tessitura Web API to design and create custom pages that satisfied the educator-related needs.  At the same time, RBZ&A performed significant modifications to other components of LA Opera’s ticketing system.

RBZ&A has also developed subscription-based solutions for LA Opera, including one for the upcoming performance of Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle.  RBZ&A is currently the sole supporter of web applications on the LA Opera website.


  • Custom pages allow special package purchases
  • Biographical information is fed to Tessitura interface
  • Major modifications to ticketing system
  • Multiple subscription-based solutions
  • LA Opera can customize web pages without software changes

Technologies used:

  • SQL Server
  • Tessitura Web API
  • Authorize.Net Certified Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Partner