FuelTrac Client Portal

SunWest Engineering Constructors, Inc. is the leading source for companies requiring professional fuel tank expertise with commitment and efficiency in all phases of the service monitoring, maintenance and repair complex compliance and innovative design

Challenge: Provide SunWest clients with real-time visibility to service information

The key to SunWest’s business is to empower field service technicians with technology that facilitates their service visit and provides the corporate office and SunWest clients with near real-time visibility into the work. Managing the regulatory paperwork associated with their business in a manner that ensures compliance is critical to the success of the business. Making the regulatory documents available to their clients both at the fueling station and at the client’s corporate offices imposed a significant challenge to the process.

Solution: Client Portal

To provide SunWest clients with the results of the service visit, a client portal was created. The client Portal provides real-time access to service records and on-site documents through interaction with the SunWest FuelTrac database and use of the document management system. The FuelTrac database provides access to a history of their services, and provides the utility of generating various ad-hoc reports.

RBZ&A developed the SunWest Client Portal as an ASP.NET web portal that communicates with the WCF web services for authenticating the customer, and retrieving their service history.


  • A secured web portal
  • Adhoc reporting with export options to PDF, Excel

Technologies Used

  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • MS Visual Studio 2008
  • WCF
  • CSS
  • Crystal Report
  • Authorize.Net Certified Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Partner