Intelligent digital business card

ideal!360, LLC is a non-traditional marketing firm delivering industry changing products and services to a variety of verticals. Through a tight integration of technology, established marketing principals and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ideal!360 provides innovative products that are unparalleled in the industry.

Challenge: Create an intelligent business card

ideal!360 had an innovative product idea that will change the world of jewelry purchasing and needed a technology partner to help them realize their vision. Their Retail2Internet® intelligent business card concept had proven effective in mock-up trials but needed to be architected to stand up to real world use.

ideal!360 wanted to create a technology designed to enable their vision of digital business cards for the jewelry retailers. Additionally, the system had to be built in a manner in which it can be molded into other industries as well as into the business to business sales process.

The system had to be designed in a way that would allow sales staff to easily create interactive and personalized presentation to prospective customers. The system had to be easily available to both Windows and Mac platforms and not requiring installing any software or plugins.

Solution: Eetail2Internet® Intelligent Business Card and Powerful Web Portal

RBZ&A architected, designed and developed a solution that bridges the gap between traditional retail sales and the power of the internet. The Retail2Internet ® intelligent business card (known in the jewelry industry as the Wish Card) and a business intelligent web portal to support administration of Wish Cards, retailers, sales staff, and Wish Card presentations. Built on the latest Microsoft technologies, including Dot, Net, and MS SQL Server, the solution is well positioned technologically.

Designed for scalability, the solution includes multi-level security, product, media and inventory management, personalized text and voice messages, interactive Wish Card presentation, reporting and statistics, Wish Card unique identifier, and auto launch.

Through the use of localization, we architected the solution to be portable to other industries and languages.

The solution is designed to support both Windows, and Mac supported web browsers.


  • Interactive presentation designer tool
  • Multi-level security
  • Multi-platform
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Product management
  • Salesperson profile
  • Digital ID Generator for Wish Cards
  • Auto-Launch Presentation

Technologies Used

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • C# 4.0
  • .NET Framework 4
  • IIS 7
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Authorize.Net Certified Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Partner